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Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters, solar collector panels, solar geyser installation and accessories. Our products are SABS approved and carry the appropriate warranty as agreed with E. Warricker Plumbing. The evacuated tube solar energy collector or flat plate solar panel are the most economical options for the South African climate and are a highly efficient manner in which to heat water. With the rapid and high electrical tariff increases currently being experienced, the flat plate system is highly recommended and includes a lengthy guarantee. The evacuated tube solar is a good and effective option provided your geyser is a suitable match, we are able to assist and advise you ensuring the best solar option to suit your requirements. Solar products are much more efficient than the traditional methods and can heat your geyser water substantially cheaper than using the geyser alone. Solar water heaters are always installed in addition to your existing system.

Industrial Heat Pumps

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Heat Pump installations for heating water. SABS Approved and carry the appropriate warranty as agreed with E. Warricker Plumbing. Heat pumps are used by extracting heat from the sun-warmed air and transferring it to the water. The heat pump moves the free heat obtained from the sun and outside air to the water, rather than create heat, as a fossil fuel or electric resistance heater does. The heat pump still uses some electricity to heat the water efficiently and as required. As an example, your geyser uses three units of electrical energy to produce three units of heat energy, a heat pump is able to convert one unit of electrical energy into three units of heat energy! Another great benefit is that your heat pump is not only a cost effective manner in which to heat your home in the winter, but also as a air-conditioner in summer.

Hot water cylinder Installation

Our hot water cylinders are SABS approved and carry the appropriate warranty as agreed with E. Warricker plumbing. Your hot water cylinder uses the most amount of electricity in your household and can cause the most damage, we are able to advise you how to reduce the cost in terms of your electricity account and ensure that your hot water cylinder installation is without fault and safely done. Well known and trusted brands are used, and we will advise you ensuring the best solution to your hot water requirements.

Plumbing Repairs

We repair and maintain the following :- Hot water cylinders, burst geysers, leaking taps and toilets, leak detection and plumbing construction to name a few. All Industrial, Commercial and Residential work undertaken. Our service is prompt and efficient; being a family run business we understand the urgency of ensuring your service is restored in the shortest possible time. We do not contract any of our work out to any other companies and pride ourselves on our excellent service delivery. If you are in need of an emergency plumber contact us.


Our tailor-made maintenance facility ensures unplanned costly repairs are avoided. We regularly carry out inspection of your premises ensuring that all of your plumbing and water equipment are in perfect working order. Should there be repairs required, this will be brought to your attention immediately, thereby potentially saving you the cost of repairing or replacing entire units. A monthly minimal cost is charged, please request a quotation in this regard. We service Commercial, Industrial and Residential Maintenance programs to suit your every requirement.

Bathroom Renovations

Building your dream home or renovating your current home or business? Call us for a free quotation and advice for all your bathroom renovations needs. On acceptance of our quotation rest assured your requirements will be met with the high standard of work we pride ourselves on, you can expect the result you had hoped for with E Warricker plumbing.

Drain cleaning

Not sure if you have a leak? Here’s a simple test you can conduct. The test should be conducted for around 30 minutes, and during this time no water should be used on the property. Access the water meter and write down the number indicated on the meter at the start of the test. After the 30 minutes have passed, check the meter to see if the number has changed. If the number has changed this indicates water consumption, even although water was not being used during the test, you may need to contact us.